Enrolled in a full-time U.S. accredited college or university degree program. DIA is committed to hiring exceptional talent The chart below indicates the timeline for STOKES. By June 1st, 2021, applicants must have completed their sophomore year of high school and commit to a minimum of eight hours a week. When: The internship occurs May through June for up to three summers. $47,697-$50,422. The ASIP is a retention program where you can continue gaining practical work experience in your respective career fields while enrolled in classes. Is that a problem? Details. Please submit only the information requested. The timeline occurs over the span of one year, with the application opening the Spring of the year before the internship starts. conditional job offer, you must be granted a security clearance before the hiring process can be finalized. You will be submitted to the security team to undergo a thorough background investigation that examines your life history, character, trustworthiness, reliability and soundness of judgment. Select View vacancy announcements & apply for DIA jobs. With a variety of programs and internships, DIA will provide you, as a high-achieving college student from an accredited U.S. institution, the ability to use your degree in a real world setting while continuing your education. NSEP interns are hired year-round. When: May to June for up to three summers. Ben Bartolome, Special Counsel, Connect2HealthFCC Task Force, at Ben.Bartolome@fcc.gov. IC internships provide recovering service members the opportunity to build their resumes with valuable Federal Government work experience, explore employment interestsand develop additional job skills. Your resume, including extracurricular activities during high school (awards, leadership roles, etc. SEEP has the following two components: Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP) As a recruitment awardee, you are required to complete a mandatory site visit at your sponsoring facility. 5200 Woodward Avenue Learn more about the Workforce Recruitment Program and application process. Summer Internship Application Form. To be a participant, you must be pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematical (STEM) fields of study. Bring the DIA to your home or classroom with resources for students, teachers, families and everyone. What should interns do if they decide to leave the agency? A member of the Intelligence Community, the DIA provides information to the CIA, NSA, NRO, and several other agencies around the world. Benefits: You receive paid tuition and fees, stipend, and guaranteed employment upon graduation upon successful completion. Applications will not be considered without all required documents. The Detroit Institute of Arts strives to be a gathering place for everybody. Include a narrative of work experience that highlights your interest in the intelligence field or other specialized skills. Discover what's happening at your DIA and what the DIA is doing in your community. ), civic involvement, volunteer work or part-time employment. This program connects federal employers and U.S. citizens with foreign language and international exposure to work in national security positions. The 2023 Summer Internship Program is for students who. Be a recipient of a grant or scholarship under the David L. Boren National Security Education Program. August - Te Tari Taiwhenua identifies groups within the organisation that will offer job opportunities for this year's Summer Intern cohort. The application processes may differ by program. Acceptance into this program requires completion of the Summer Internship Program or the Cooperative Education Program (CO-OP). When: May through August over a 1012-week period. Upon completion of the internship, you must commit to continue in the service of DIA for a total of 18 months of continued service for each academic year of DIA educational sponsorship. Simultaneously organize your company's records, accept internship applications more efficiently, and ensure student interns seamlessly get their college credit. When: August to May during your fall and spring semesters. (AWS 2-Gliding Work Schedule: Ten 8-hour workdays in a pay period that permits the employee to select arrival and departure times that vary from day to day.). PDF. Specific details on this portion of the process will be provided by the Analysis Career Field at a later date. Washington, DC. Academic Semester Summer Internship Program. Gain valuable on-the-job experience through providing direct support to the mission at DIA while employed on full-time basis during the summer! CIA: General Internship, Co-op and Graduate Studies opportunities. When: January to May for one academic semester. NSA Summer Internship Application For Student 2022 | Apply Now! Enrolled in a fulltime baccalaureate or graduate degree program, Minimum of 60 semester hours or a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or equivalent, Degree in one of SMARTs 21 approved science, technology, engineering, and mathematical (STEM) fields of study, See DoD SMART Program for other eligibility requirements, Minimum of 60 semester hours or its equivalent and possess a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or its equivalent at the time of application, Recipient of a grant or scholarship under the David L. Boren National Security Education Program. Once an intern graduates from school, they are no longer able to participate in internship programs. This website may have just been talking about the DIA internship for intelligence careers. Joint Military Intelligence Training Center, Louis Stokes Educational Scholarship Program. The student internship programs at DIA provide high-achieving university and college students from accredited institutions throughout the U.S. with the opportunity to use their degrees in real world settings while continuing their education, thereby better preparing them for careers upon graduation. Internship dates: June 20th to August 11th. This non-competitive conversion can be used, within DoD, up to 3 years after completing the 1-year fellowship program. If you need technical assistance with your application, please contact our support center at (202) 231-8000. DIA has positions in collection, analysis, information systems, operational supportand more. Search for job and internship opportunities, access career advice, and connect directly with top employers. You will attend classes full-time during the academic year and work at DIA full time during the summer in positions related to your course of study. I&A offers internships in the functional areas of Intelligence Analysis, Intelligence Operations, Mission Readiness, Information Technology . ICWWP provides wounded, illand injured active duty service members with meaningful work experiences intended to assist with their recuperation and transition into the workforcethrough internship opportunities within the IC. When: The internship occurs for one academic semester May through August over a 12-week period! When: The internship occurs for one academic semester (January through May or August-December) over a 12-week period! Paid. While the experience of living abroad is of value to DIA, it is impossible to complete the security background investigation and the necessary drug screening test when someone is overseas. When: The internship occurs May through August over a 1012-week period! Students are essential and we encourage the development of skills for Officers specifically needed by the Agency. To apply, contact the career services or career center at your university. US Senate Summer Internships Program 2022 | Apply Online! And you'll get to experience first hand what life at NSA is really like. Peace Corps Summer Internships Applications 2022 | Apply Now! As part of their internships, students are partnered with JPL scientists or engineers, who serve as . The applicant and all immediate family members must have US citizenship. View All; Foreign Policy; . Address your letter professionally. Our success depends on the strength of the workforce we attract to meet mission needs. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. Step 3: Look into the various research institutes at the NHLBI and contact NHLBI investigators that you are interested in working with. LockLocked padlock File Format. November - Summer Internship begins. (January-December), Your internship begins! Managers recommend eligible SIP interns to ASIP. WRITING ASSESSMENT & INTERVIEW: As part of entry into the Analysis Career Field, applicants will be required to complete a timed writing assessment and interview. This is a paid internship. Through written products, in person briefings, or multimedia presentations, their work informs tactical decisions of policy, defense strategy, weapons development and acquisition, and military planning. Any written product provided to your institution must be cleared by your security officer. (In lieu of SAT scores, students may apply with a minimum composite score of 21 on the ACT), College student possessing a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale is required, Leadership abilities as evidenced by extracurricular student activities, a high degree of civic involvement, volunteer work, or part-time employment, In a household with an income ceiling of $70,000 for a family of four and $80,000 for a family of five or more. The Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A) Internship Program is for current degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students looking to begin an exciting career in homeland security and intelligence. Once you are invited to interview and receive a hiring is done at the entry-level through invitation-only hiring events; however, vacancies may be posted for This NIDA Summer Research Internship Program is designed for undergraduate students from diverse populations to experience substance use and addiction research in the biomedical, behavioral, clinical, and social sciences. Our programs are paid; salary is based on your education level. The Summer Internship Program (SIP) provides promising undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to gain practical, on-the-job experience working side-by-side with intelligence, technology, human resources, and other professionals in their field of study while providing support to the mission at DIA. The chart below indicates the timeline for MCCAIN. (c) Persons who use illegal drugs are not suitable for Federal employment. Please note the timeline may vary based on the needs of the Agency. Please note the timeline may vary based on the needs of the Agency. Internships are huge ways to kick start someone's profession. There are several steps you need to take if you are interested in applying for a DEA internship. 2023 Graduate Program. APPLICATION DEADLINE: July 15, 2021 at 11:59PM ET. Search for the Summer Internship Program job announcement. An official website of the United States government. The application process for our student programs is the same as our job application process. The below indicates the timeline for the DoD SMART Scholarship Program. All fellows are selected and placed by the Washington Headquarters Services (WHS), Human Resources Directorate (HRD). We will tell finalists how to submit an official transcript. Summer internships generally last from eight to ten weeks, beginning in late May and ending in mid-to-late August. The DIA Summer Intern Program The Summer Intern Program provides promising undergraduate seniors and graduate students the opportunity to gain practical work experience in the areas of analysis, research, report writing, oral briefings, policy development, program management, and computer applications related to the intelligence field. The application process will only be available online here. Be enrolled full-time in a U.S. accredited college or university degree program. CO-OP student employees must be able to maintain a security clearance. On the other hand, an intermittent work schedule is utilized by Academic semester interns where interns work a maximum amount of 29 hours a week. Please also visit the WRP website for more registration information. Dual citizenship holders may be eligible to receive a security clearance under this program. Interns are typically hired through our Internship/Student Program Hiring Events on diajobs.dia.mil. Applicants must be at least 18 years old on or before May 31, 2023 and must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the . The Harvard University Kennedy School Institute of Politics Internship Program provides substantive, career-oriented summer internships for you as undergraduate students interested in careers in politics, government, and public service. The majority of our hiring is done at the entry-level through invitation-only hiring events; however, vacancies may be posted for mid- and senior-level positions as mission dictates. NSEP is a scholarship program that promotes language skills, cultural awareness and understanding of national security issues. By the end of spring 2022, applicants must have completed their sophomore year and plan to enroll in Harvard College in fall 2022. This program provides you with a full-time, paid summer internship. Notify your leadership and CC the internship program. Be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program at a university or college. DIA employees enjoy competitive compensation and benefits including: Full time team members enjoy a range of competitive benefits including: The DIA is fully committed to equal employment opportunity and to attracting, retaining, developing, and promoting the most qualified team members without regard to their race, color, height or weight, religion, sex (including sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression), age, national origin, citizenship, physical or mental disability, veteran or military status, marital status, genetic information, or any other status protected by applicable law. The purpose of the program is to acquire high performing and talented individuals with advanced degrees who will gain experience and develop their leadership capabilities through challenging opportunities and flourish into problem solvers, strategic thinkers and future leaders for our IC Community. Some of these benefits include: As a DIA officer, you have the opportunity to see the world through many lenses. A Department of Defense internship is available to graduates of an approved university or trade school program.The degree must focus specifically on government, international relations, defense strategy, civil-military relations, or strategic planning. Provides an opportunity to earn income which will help to cover the cost of a college education. Maintain a security clearance. Applying for an internship is also not an easy task. The internship will last 10 to 12 weeks from May through August in summer 2022. Review the POSITION DESCRIPTIONand APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS below. Live within a 50-mile radius of your duty station. Click Apply. This is an excellent opportunity for students seeking to serve their country to participate in the critical work of the Agency through an extended work period. Be enrolled in a full-time U.S. accredited college or university or be a recent graduate, depending on the program. We offer here templates and internship application examples and guidelines for an application writing. The DIA has a wide variety of career and employment opportunities including visitor-facing roles, behind-the-scenes work, and internships. DIA seeks the best and brightest students to bring their knowledge and skills to our diverse workforce. But, you came to the right place. (August-December). It is possible to find out if any positions are available at your local DEA office by visiting their websites. When: Internship announcements open in November. Include an unofficial copy of your transcript. Application Requirements Apply for a fully-funded IOP internship with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in Washington, D.C. for summer 2022. Investment Co., Ltd. Shatin Area. You can schedule an appointment with the Office of Career Services via Crimson Careers to have your resume or statement of interest reviewed. A defense intelligence agency intern will have the opportunity to experience all aspects of the agencys work and responsibilities. Its encouraged that interns do Alternate Work Schedule (AWS) 2 while interning in the summer. In the hiring pool with NO movement what-so-ever. The internship will last 10 to 12 weeks from May through August in summer 2022. You can: DIA operates in more than 140 facilities around the world. Please contact Mr. Bartolome for any questions, including instructions for alternative methods of submitting application materials. With supervisors approval, interns can vary their arrival and departure time while still completing 8.5 hours a day. NSEP Boren Scholars and Fellows must have an anticipated graduation date between June and September. You are paid on a bi-weekly basis and your salary is based on the total number of completed credit hours. A relative has been in the DIA internship program, working as a DIA intern, for about 16 months now. Washington, DC. When: May to June over a 12-week period. You will also need to have your resume checked through prepublication to ensure youve had it properly classified. We are always looking for passionate and diverse team members to bring our mission to life. This program was created to attract talented students to Federal public service. Interns are also exposed to the broader Intelligence Community through field trips, information sessions, and panel . Hosted by Defense Media Activity - WEB.mil, Minimum of 30 Credits by the start of internship, Enrolled in a full-time U.S. accredited college or university, or recent graduate, depending on program, Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, Enrolled in a full-time baccalaureate or graduate degree program, or recent graduate, depending on program, Minimum of 30 semester hours or equivalent, Live within a 50-mile radius of your duty station, Successfully completed the Summer Internship Program or CO-OP Program, Enrolled in a fulltime baccalaureate or graduate degree program or university cooperative education program that is critical to the Agencys mission, Minimum of 60 semester hours or a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, Enrolled or seeking enrollment in a baccalaureate degree program, High school student, possessing a minimum GPA of 2.75 on a 4.00 scale AND a minimum score of 1000 on the verbal and quantitative section and 500 on the writing portions of the SAT? You must complete the Summer Internship Program to apply. Working alongside our scientific, engineering, computing, and operations experts, our interns support and advance particle physics and accelerator research.Internship opportunities are available . This Career Field incorporates the analytic operations and knowledge management that enables the Defense Intelligence Enterprise to ensure quality products and services are available for defense intelligence clients. ASIP interns return to the Summer Internship Program. DEA has a variety of student and entry-level positions. The typical workday is 8.5 hours, which includes 30 minutes uncompensated for lunch. Jobs and Internships. (End of May-August of the following Summer), Your internship begins! TVA Summer Internships Application 2022 | Apply Online! Create an account - https://diajobs.dia.mil or www.dia.mil // Careers and Internships // Search Vacancies o Review the job description (ensure you meet the "position requirements") . FBI Internships Undergraduate Students 2022 | Apply Online! If I have previous transferable skills from outside the IC, how do I know what to include in order to ensure I am considered for the highest grade/step offer? Express your interest. The Defense Intelligence Agency is now accepting applications for their summer 2018 internship program. Depending on your school's requirements, academic credit may be earned. The following criteria must be satisfied: *Please note that the special security background investigation, polygraph examination, psychological assessment and drug testing cannot be conducted if candidates are residing outside the continental United States. Students must be fully cleared before being able to begin work. Working as an Intern full time within Mission Management. are 17 years of age or older on June 15, 2023, are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, AND; are enrolled at least half-time in an accredited college (including community college) or university as an undergraduate, graduate, or professional student at the time of application*, OR; The Louis Stokes Educational Scholarship (STOKES) Program is for a small number of high-achieving high school seniors and college freshman and sophomores interested in a career in public service. Students interested in public service can apply for the DIA Internship Program. Assignments are not clerical in nature. Marijuana is categorized as a controlled substance under Schedule I of the Controlled Substance Act. (DIA) Defense Intelligence Agency. Samples or formats of Internship application template offered by the many companies for students so they can download it and fulfill according to their needs. Full-time interns utilize a flexible work schedule and must complete 40 hours a week. NOTE ON BENEFITS, TRAVEL, AND LODGING: Since this is a temporary appointment, interns will not receive employee benefits. 2019 Summer Internship Program Counterintelligence Career Field. *June 2023 for summer of 2024. Is DIA hiring any of the interns they are bringing on? Paid parental leave at the birth, placement of a child, or adoption. As an Accenture Intern, you will gain experience in working at the forefront of technology, solve business challenges, develop innovative solutions . Once I enter the Cleared Hiring Pool at the conclusion of the internship, what can be expected from there on out? We offer internships, scholarships, a co-op program and other programs for students in high school up through doctoral candidates. Intern assignments are based on entry-level professional job descriptions and will involve a great deal of independent work under the guidance of a senior level supervisor and mentor. Paid. Cooperative Education Program. Learn more about the HARVARD Program. For example, duties for intelligence analyst intern positions may involve research and drafting reports. 1. Please note the timeline may vary based on the needs of the Agency. Fulltime/Internship. Huawei Tech. Possess a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale at the time of application, and employment. They analyze transnational issues such as illicit networks, foreign intelligence, and terrorist activities. You must submit your application online and include: This program connects federal sector employers nationwide with highly motivated college students and recent graduates with disabilities eager to apply their knowledge, skills and abilities in the workplace through summer internships. When: May to June over a 12-week period. As a college freshmen or sophomore, you will need to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Explore how you can get involved at a world-class institution. Offering unparalleled expertise in all-source defense intelligence, the men and women of DIA are committed to supporting America's warfighter. Official transcripts will be requested from finalists. DIA also hosts invitation only Hiring Events for our Student Programs. DIAs Summer Internship Program provides current students the opportunity to gain practical work experience through research, report writing, briefing development and delivery, policy writing, and intelligence analysis. When: May to August over a 1012-week period. Majors/fields: Politics, government or public service. Meet the Agencys following conditions of employment: satisfactory completion of a special security background investigation, counterintelligence-scope polygraph examination, psychological assessment and drug test no later than May 14, 2022.*. You will also receive other federal and DIA benefits like annual and sick leave, federal holidays, the Civilian Fitness Program, foreign language program and Mass Transit Benefit Program. If qualified, a recruiter will reach out to you and extend a final job offer. Year-round internships allow students who attend local schools to work part-time at a Sandia site. We may also offer paid time off, holiday and sick leave . Majors/fields: Foreign area studies, computer science, business administration, human resources, public administration, international relations, legal studies, political science, STEM fields, engineering or intelligence analysis. Step 2: Submit your application through the OITE application portal. Your resume, unofficial transcript, and cover letter should be attached to your online application. Click here to learn more. COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE IN DEFENSE OF THE NATION. Applications are now available for the Defense Intelligence Agency 2018 Summer Internship Program.This program provides current college students and recent graduates with the opportunity to gain practical work experience through research, report writing, briefing development and delivery, policy writing and intelligence .
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